Citroen DS3 Cabrio – New Instructor car??!


DS3 Cabrio 1.6 Petrol Review

I was lucky enough to be looking into changing my Mini Cooper D instruction vehicle around 3 years ago, just as the DS3 was being introduced!

As soon as I drove it I knew it was the perfect car for instruction, and also as I was one of the 1st, certainly in my area, to have such an instruction vehicle I knew it would be quite a draw for the pupils.

Anyway, sadly during a recent service my trust DS3 was found to have a few faults, some of which I knew about, but many that were quite a surprise!

However, it needed fixing, as it wasn’t safe in the condition it was in, so I decided to take it back to Chapelhouse in Southport, where I have my car serviced.

I was told a DS3 would be my courtesy car until mine was fixed, which although couldn’t be dual controlled, would never the less allow me to get from A – B.

It wasn’t until I was walking round the car that I realised that my courtesy car was in fact a DS3 Cabrio! Smiles all around!

I must digress actually and say that I’ve been again looking into changing my tuition vehicle for a while, and found out recently that although this is a cabriolet its still excepted for driving tests, so knew it was one I had to consider!

At first glance I wasn’t too keen on the looks, and to be honest the reddish maroon car I was given wouldn’t be my first choice colour wise, however looking past that, I have now, in the few days I’ve had it

really grown to love the looks of the car!

The build quality, both inside & out, are to me again excellent.

With updated dials & switches, certainly from my 3 year old DS3, it feels more modern & classy, especially with little touches like when you turn off the mirrors fold in etc.

I realise that this might not be much, but on arelatively cheap family sports hatchback I think this is a great touch!

I cant be 100% sure, as my DS3 is a 3 year old diesel, but I’m pretty sure even brand new that this new updated DS3 is much more responsive & easier to drive.

 It does loose a little bit of rigidity & handling at higher speeds when the roof is completely down, but I’m sure that’s to be expected,

but its also certainly not enough to distract you or to make it unsafe @ speeds of around 70mph.

I love the way you can have the roof ‘2 fold’ if you will – one where you still have the back window, and one where the roof goes down completely,

and the touch of the roof going back up automatically if its down too far when and if you try and open the boot is again another lovely little touch!

To me the DS3 Cabrio is a great car, as is the DS3 Diesel that I have at the minute.

However there is only one downside that I can see of having this vehicle as a tuition vehicle. You are getting this car over the ‘normal’ DS3,

as you like the idea of the Cabrio, however with the roof completely down, as I discussed before.

Its not the fact you don’t have a back window that bothers me, but its the fact you cant see anything out of the interior mirror at all, other that the cloth roof.

I suppose I’m being picky, as you can have the roof open, as I said before, and still see the back window very clearly, but its just a little niggle that’s bothered me over the last few days.

Overall this car is great & will now be top of my list when looking at a new tuition vehicle – niggle & all!!! 😉









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